Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stoinked, yet again.

Shit my england in the previous post damn retarded. Hahaha, overload on the greens. Probably why I was so so so so so in love with the geek in the pink last night. Madness.

Just heard the live version though and it's not too bad but can't compare to the album version.

It's Week 7 and I only just got my timetable this afternoon. I have 3 assignments to hand up by Friday.

2 things in the past 2 days made me wish for a second that I was born a guy.

a) The geek in the pink song, because I think I'd make a good guy geek. As a girl I'm plain and boring inside out. But as a guy I could triple my lameness and come out cool. I might have a shot to be cool, or l33t muahahaha.

b) Pete Tong's It's All Gone. Frankie Wilde's attitude and sub-conscious charm (yes its charm to me) and Paul Kaye's face is a match made in heaven. If I were a guy, I'd wanna be just like him. Except for the imaginary-bear-as-friend when he's high part. I'd have better trips than that. I just have to somehow cut out the "eek eek eek!" thing some people claim I do.

Last semester there were 2 guys on my "List".

Oshi was Number 1 cause he had long small dreadlocks which he cut off himself only to due it bright neon pink on one side and tattooed the rim of his left ear. Though also a stoner, his eyes are perpetually wide open and he's got the most adorable crooked teeth encased by the sweetest cheeky smile *melts. He's Indonesian with a Japanese mom. He wore a straw hat to school last semester. Yeah exactly the one farmers wear in the sawah padi, wide brim with the a string under the chin and the RM2.40 blue and white pvc toilet slippers. Unironed shirts never looked so good.

He also had a good friend, Risky. Risky is Number 2 on my list and is always walking around in a blur, his jeans a little too short for his height (ah 6' is good) and narrow around the ankles. He wears thin white hotel slippers to school and ties his hair in a short frizzy ponytail. They also carry sling bags (brownie points). Both are usually seen (or spotted in my case) together and I secretly look forward to exchanging hellos and either one would ask a weird random question like "Do you know you got paint on your shoes?"


But somehow any girl I'd point them out to would say "Are you serious Stel? That guy?!" or something crazy like "Looks like they live in a hut." What the. That's a fucked up thing to say.
One time, Willy said

Don't la so mean.

Huh? Mean?

They may be weird but don't make fun of them la.

Oi I'm serious la! I have got massive crushes on those two.

Yer! Really ar?!


Today Sila told me that Oshi lives in Cyberview Lodge. As in Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa. The cheapest rate for a room is Rm750 ++ per night o_O
Not because of the money but the fact that they can come off so friendly and humble, I like them even more.

Okay better stop before my boyfriend gets jealous. But dearest, I like you best. You wear transparent flip-flops and still look hot ;) Mine are polka-dotted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jie. You mean MY flipflops are polka-dotted, right?

Haha. Ha : D

Stella said...


you read my blog?
eh same la. mine yours ours :D

fine, my sister joyce's flip flops which are polka-dotted are my favourite pair :D

yean.l said...

we use to say that you like guys who has no direction, no sense of time and style like he just fell off the bed hehehe

Stella said...

hahah not true except for the last part.

its a good thing la actually, i dont get much competition from other girls. but it seems, geeks are making a comeback! <3 <3