Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I'm a little upset with Elle. She's making me eat even when she's not around!

First it was her sandwiches. They were soo soooo good. And I wasn't the only one hooked, Mel had cravings so intense she gave up her so-called 'diet plan' and chowed down a couple at a time. Something I very rarely see her do. And then there's that seasoning. Wahlau its so good I caught Elle's addiction and mixed it into anything I ate.

Last week it was her tuna pasta. It got me running to the 24hour supermarket and buying random ingredients I thought she had used. I came home, stared what my purchases and got to cooking. I actually had a few qualms about my methods of cooking it so I called Elle but she didn't answer -_- so I went ahead and made it the way I thought would work.

It's sitting in the fridge now. In a few moments it'd be judgement..hour.


UnkleBus said...

ahhahaha i know how u feel! except for the sandwhich part whereby u guys had all of it, didnt have the "opportunity" to try *lol*

maybe for tiesto we shud make some and bring over just in case? i'll buy the bread *grin*

Stella said...

yessss!! provided we have the appetite for it ;)

hey, tiesto on the 18th, ATB on the 17th. i actually liked atb, are we going for that too? hehehehehehehe *gila.

anomie said...

Well Elle, this is proof that it's time to open up Elle Ashley's already.

ElleAshley said...

Stel: At first I was like (o_O") Upset at me?? But as I read on... Haha! How did your tuna salad turn out? Eatin is gewdss... ;)
UnkleBUS: If you can eat then... I *salute* U!
Anomie: Sigh.. Dream Dream Dream... Dreaaaaaaam!

Stella said...

i honestly think she'd make a great restauranteur. haha the pasta turned out pretttyyyy good. i sprinkled, no more like showered it with garlic seasoning :P

ty, if its elle's sandwiches, i'd have appetite anytime :P practice your saluting ar.. hahaha