Monday, March 06, 2006

My long weekend.

Jung's back in da house! Literally :D So we took a long weekend where I lost a few hours of my life.

We went for Ghetto Heaven on Thursday but by 12.30am I was already waiting to leave. Bad enough I had to go in my pajama pants or as some would call it, my golfing pants.

Back in sunway.

Great, another picture to add to my 'I don't remember taking this photo' album. I had no idea I could look so fierce. There is hope yet for me.

While I was out in the jungle, Tyler and Jung decided to be creative.

Saturday night was spent as usual at the KMKS. Elle and Perry waited all day for us to come over, not only because Elle made my fave Tuna Pasta which I didn't get to have because by the time we got there it was 3am and Tyler and I ended up in their playground.

At least I was sort of dressed for the occasion, check Tyler out in his dress shirt and slacks. Classic. I've always known he had it in him to join the 'sohai club'.

Jung and I chillin' on Elle and Perry's newly decorated living room in their new L-shaped sofa which equals new campout spot! Here's to us without any make-up or a shower in more than 12 hours :D No shame.

If you turn off any lights which are on, put on some creepy Josh Groban song and stare at this picture for 11 seconds, we look kinda freaky. Scratch that, looks scary with or without the Josh Groban song. Our moment of fame as Wicked Witch of the West vs Samara Morgan.


UnkleBus said...

ahahah definately golfing pants..

teeing off in the sunway sarang? *grin*

Stella said...

golfing meh! :( there are called something but i forgot what it was. definitely nothing to do with sports or nightwear.

teeing off? -_-"