Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Piece of my mind, unfortunately.

She really thinks she's all that, when everyone is laughing at her behind her back. She's two-faced and thinks that she can twist her way out of every predicament she gets herself into. Well, polishing shoes and ripping so-called witty lines from elsewhere and using them as your own is a trait uglier and far more see-through than your white top with white bra underneath that you presented for the entire club to see.

Does she ever stop to wonder why she is constantly changing friends? She creates political warfare within a circle and weasels her way out of it with tears and finger-pointing. Does she know we convulse in laughter whenever we speak of her? You can't even count the number of people who has shouted in your face or asked you "What the fuck is your problem" (I am quoting a source) with both hands and feet. But hey, more tall-tales to generate to make yourself out to be the victim.

If you lie, you have to keep lying so its no wonder you are perpetually tired. But thumbs up to you because no one else could keep up with you. Tell anyone whatever you want to boost your own sad life and feed off the downfall of others. But guess what, the only one fallen is you. You are nothing more than a parasite but what you should be feeding off should be shit because as far as this life cycle goes, you are way down the food chain. That's how low she is and would stoop to get herself to the "top". To think that you actually asked me to lie for you. Fuck you and spread your disease somewhere else.

She makes everyone out to be an actor or actress in her never-ending drama. She writes as if she uses SAT words in her daily language. Please, ugly say ugly la. If you don't know how to use 'atrocious' in the right context, don't. You are embarassing yourself. I'm not here to argue about semantics but represent yourself whichever way you want, just don't bring others down with you. Last thing we want is to be associated with you so stop name-dropping. If we are asked if we know you, out reflex is to laugh because you are nothing more than a joke. So do yourself a favor and hide under a rock.

She makes as if she's depressed. You are a sad person, you are not depressed. You want pity? You got it. But we are not pitying you because you are depressed. We pity you because you have no idea what it means to be a friend, or to have a friend.

No one wants you in their nest, crow. Whoever does, give them a couple of months (and that's being kind) and we'll all see you with a new crowd to parasite from. History repeats itself when corrections are not made, and in your case you can cry and bitch every time you period takes place because that's when you've pissed another person off.

PS: I'm the 4th or 5th person to blog about you in this manner. No hesitations on my part to jump onto this bandwagon. Go figure why :)


Stella said...

There was a comment here before but somehoww its gone now.

The comment stated that I rip lines off too but I was forgiven (o_O) and that I had the audacity to pin point others.

That person signed off as Pot-Kettle-Black.

Hmm.. :)

UnkleBus said...

the sad part is that she lives in an illusion she has constructed around herself, i feel at first this was a defensive action but now shes grown accustomed to it and even relies on it to color her world.

the crow.. heh

anomie said...

Aiya don't la talk about Suan Loo or Cym Bie like that.

Sorry I just had to bring it up.

UnkleBus said...


Stella said...

i'm not talking about them la! they are nice people okay.

this person is can't even compare.

"you wan dis wann..or that wannn" HAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

What Suan Loo? What Cynbie?

Lotsa love,

Princess Zouk