Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not so startling discoveries.

I discovered (due to sheer boredom) that there are a good many pictures that I don't remember being taken. It's funny because I'm actually smiling at the camera in some of them. I've never been much of a picture person hence I should recall them. Hm..

Who is that guy next to us?! This is hard evidence of how gone I was, I don't remember a sweaty, drunk stranger posing with us. And why were we smiling?!

We never pose like this. NEVER. What got into us?! I think Mel, Kim and Jamie rubbed off on us. Those three are born cam whores.

This is the famous Shangri-la picture I don't remember AT ALL. But it sure feels good to know that this must mean the X to the Izzo was workin' it ;)

This was actually candid. Tyler took the picture but none of us remember this! And it so happened all of us had rather questionable facial expressions. Perry wins hands down though, do I spot a guern? Nyahaha.

I look plain deranged here. Rachel and I were taking pictures of each other, simultaneously. But she deleted the one I took of her, bloody cheater-pot.

I uploaded this crazy picture of us having one of our pillow fights in Genting and well.. she really looked like a psycho in this one. Ima post it again so as to illustrate my point. And ray, be grateful that I'm not uploading the video :)

This reminds me the conversation we had after I uploaded that picture:

R: Stel, take that photo down!

S: No, its the one time you emerged victorious remember?

R: Fine, too can play at that game. I'm uploading your 'popeye' pictures.

S: I have 'popeye' pics of you too. Don't try to outbitch me.

R: Stel, I have a whole SHRINE of your pictures. Folders and folders of them. Don't mess with me :)


Actually I just miss my other 'quarters'.

The loves of my life. (Myself included)

Anyway, can't wait to be with the rest of the 'technicolor gang' this weekend! We miss you Mel, we miss the 'perry-scope' and they rest miss the both of us insulting each other throughout the night and I almost miss your pinches, my arms without the bruises just feels a little bare.

Yay! Be seeing you guys real soon. Elle and Perry are getting their furniture this Sat and Tyler and I are planning to put them to good use.

That..sounded a little dodgy.


jinxed said...

eh eh... dun try to deny the fact dat ur a photoslut too ok? we did not influence u!! sigh... i miss the sessions ler... i've quit for good. dun wanna try any here. jus not the same without u guys. wait for meeeee... i'll be back soon enuff!!!

Stella said...

mel, don't say anything you will have to take back later. hehe but good also la..restricting yourself *ahems.

eh darling please send you your new phone number. i'm not sure if i got the right one, couldnt call.

jinxed said...

i smsed u with my new no. already darling... the one dat ends with 8188. sms me fr time to time ok? muah!!