Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I found more pictures.

Ha-ha, his face quite koyak here.

Jourdang is always fun to have around.

Especially when I'm bored at home.

Eep, did.not.sound.right.

Alicia and Elle sandwiching me.

Again, sounded salah. Sorry.

Hmph. He didn't take any pictures with me all night but I stumbled across this one on Multiply. With two other girls! One I like, the other I don't. I'm so annoyed because of the latter :P But I think he looks cute in this pic so I'm posting it. Please please, don't let this new venture turn me into a bimbo. Being with him is turning me into a Boyz II Men song. Listening to their songs too! Help!


Anonymous said...

can i guess who is the girl you dont like?

the one with thick makeup and hiao face?


Stella said...

you quite free right..