Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The way I are

Awesome song only Ham and I had just only realized how much the lyrics relate to us.

A hiphop track, related to us! To the us during our first 6 months, when he was still renting, had no car and no money ;)

See I show you. First, imagine Ham and I all ghetto and shit

I ain’t got no money
I ain’t got no car to take you on a date
I can’t even buy you flowers
But together we be the perfect soulmates

Oh, baby, it’s alright now, you ain’t gotta flaun for me
If we go touch, you can still touch my love, it’s free
We can work without the perks just you and me
Thug it out til we get it right

I don’t need the G’s or the car keys, Boy I like you just the way you are

I ain't got no VISA
I ain’t got no Red American Express
We can’t go nowhere exotic
It don’t matter ‘cause I’m the one that loves you best

Baby girl, I don’t got a huge ol’ house, I rent a room in a house

Oh and especially this part!!
yeah my money and me loof like feel me them,
and it's realy not quite louis allason,
Your body ain't Pamela Anderson,
Its a struggle just to get you in the caravan,
But listen baby girl,
Before I let you lose a pound I'll buy a bigger car,
So listen baby girl, I love you just the way you are, the way you are

So me and my fats right!!

You know, except for that last bit, Ham and I had that exact conversation except not in ghetto lingo.

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