Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've been ill for a few hours.

I don't normally fall sick. Whenever I do I brace myself through it, refusing anti-depressants or painkillers when they were prescribed. I want to be above that. I am heavy duty and would not succumb to minor botherations such a fever or fatigue. I am iron. I dislike the weak, I dislike having to resort to medications but I am in destitute.

But the past couple of hours has been laborious. I was in agony, I couldn't stop my tears from creating a trail down my cheeks, rippling down my chest, soaking my collar.

The pain cannot be affiliated with with anything emotional, only I felt so sorry for myself. This physical pain can't even be alchemized into art, it is bodily. I can't even chalk it up into an interesting experience.

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