Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Living to eat

Ham and I went for dinner with my dad and baby sis Esther last night in Rakuzen Plaza Damas, one of my dad's favourite Japanese restaurants. We actually wanted to go to Greenview after I heard Elle's review on the place. But Joyce would be pissed if we had crabs without her so we decided to have Japanese since she hates Japanese food.

I don't normally take pictures of food. But Ham and my dad were yakking away about some business thing, something along the lines of tenders and gangsters wth. So I snapped two pictures and then my dad looked at me disapprovingly so I stopped.

But got two! Esther looks damn scary, she another one not photogenic. Hehe. Her favourite, Unagi.

This is one bento set. Couldn't even capture everything in one frame. My dad, Ham and I each had one although this one was the biggest but yet didn't have any rice unless you count the sushi and I hate sushi. By the time the 3rd set came (and my extra portion of shashimi) we had to move to a bigger table -_- The 4 seater didn't have enough space for our food.

Funny, this set is supposedly the biggest one cause it cost the most but the other sets had rice, more shashimi and shishamo. Hm.

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tan y. l. said...

Esther looks like Sadako...or someone like that, haha!