Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last night a 5iver saved my life

After drinks with Ty and Ro, uhm Tyro haha my headache got worse. I felt it hours before but while I was laughing with them and Ham it didn't feel too bad.

As soon as I got up and walked to the car I threw up three times like a "waterfall" according to Ham. It was a migraine, both my eyesballs were threatening to burst. I "high 5ived" half and the nausea slowly but surely went away but the migraine was still unbearable.

I was such a wuss! I rolled around the bed and started to weep a little. It was so painful! I've gotten migraines before and I use to ignore it but whoaaa this was crazyyy.

Looking at the computer screen now I stil feel woozy but what to do, sien.

Why am I getting voted for uncool stuff in Facebook, okay I got "Party like a rockstar" here and there and "Most likely to be on the cover of High times" -_- But "Most likely to correct your grammar?!"

:( Kelly Yeng, you see what I vote for you.

Scrabulous anyone?

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