Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So cute can die.

This was taken in Tiger's car on the way to Ham's house. Doggy took us through the longest way ever to get there. Oh, that phone there belongs to Tiger's mum, I was using it :P cause the mic on my phone was ripped off when my sister changed the cover for me -_- But it works now! Yay! I smsed so much my little finger very nearly fell off. Pictures were taken with my apparently outdated 1.3 megapixels phone. I only found out yesterday its a 1.3 after many many months of using the same phone. Not bad what. Can see Cassie so dirty daddyHam havent showered her.

Cassie very rarely sits or naps on my lap. She doesn't like anyone holding or touching her either. But this time in the car although I sat her on the other side she came over and put her head on my lap to sleep. I tried very hard not to move at all cause I didn't want her to go away!

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