Monday, September 10, 2007

How many brothers fell victim to the streets.

Hot damn I'm so addicted to Scrabulous. I see anyone online I bug them to play.

Great weekend! Friday night a few of us attended Arthur's financial planning seminar. It was alright sister and I were communicating on this feedback sheet they gave us and we were saying things like "so money minded can die", and when the presenter was speaking on how he gave his wife 10k to go on a holiday we wrote "ugh that depends if you want to have a wife who'd bug you for a gucci bag every week" and yeah..along the lines of that. It was two pages front and back full of our comments. We also answered his questions like when he asked which stock market fell in whenever or some math questions he directed at the audience. Joyce answered the math ones and I answered the other ones and we added a "duh" at the end. And..the presenter, who is Arthur's investor, found it.

He said I'm going down. He is also going to frame it up o.O
I wasn't dissing the presenter per se, I was dissing the concept in general. Putting wealth on a high pedestal, worshipping it, it disgusts me. Overall I thought the presentation was good and he mentioned a few key points we should all remember. Pyro, financial designers. Thumbs up!

Anyway, on Saturday morning my dad took my sister Joyce, Rachel, her brother Russell, Scott and myself to Bah Kut Teh! Read about BKT again on Elle's blog and Ray wanted some so there we went.

After that Edmond came to pick my dad, Esther and I up to go to the Times book fair!! I bought 6 books! For less than 200ringgit. Thick hard cover books. Love love love going again next weekend.

Edmond and I haven't seen each other in a while but he's an amazing friend and we use to be super close so it was awesome catching up.

In the evening I took Alex to play ping pong with my dad and his friends. I was so freaking bored.

For dinner Joyce brought her friend Choo Yen and bf Voon Ying along.

Poor Daddy didn't get anytime alone with us cause after that I met Tyler and Rowena cause we happened to be in SS2 but when I got home Joyce and I had maggi with Daddy and it was off to bed!

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