Monday, October 01, 2007


First, Ham's shoplot's roof and piping had some problems so there's about 2k there to pay.

Then his house got robbed. My laptop got stolen, as well as the ring his grandfather left him.

2 other laptops was stolen. My PSP, cash almost 1k and they even took our coins! We collect 50cent coins. As in been collecting for the past 3 years so yeah..

But my mom's getting me a new laptop.

I'm going for the green. What do you think?

SIGH. I'm sad but I'm getting a new laptop even though I never was really interested in electronics.


A lot of shit incidents lor.

Damn sad lor. Air cond compressor or condensor whatever also wanna steal.

We were gonna have some extra cash and Ham was already pre-shopping for his geek stuff.But then..Fuck tiao lor. We been jacked.

Ham's sending his katanas and parangs to be sharpened. What happened to be peace-loving boyfriend who calls the cops when wannabe little boys wanna play gangster? He agro now wei!

Somemore there's this skanky hideous whore telling lies all over the place. I'm so tempted to post her gangbang pictures up everywhere. Pissing me off if I see you slut, I sure slap you one lor. Stay out of my way I'm in a BADDDD MOODD. Don't fuck with meeeeee.

Okay sorry I serong abit.

I was smsing my dad nonsense making fun of each other until I decided to call him.
Me: Daddy, what are you doing?

Daddy Oo: I'm in a meeting.

Me: But I'm BORED!

Daddy Oo: Sms la.


Nobody loves me. Why tak layan dadddyyy!!!


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