Friday, September 14, 2007

Wo shi hua ren

Several artistes and bands has been coming to Malaysia but I haven't been interested in a single one. In fact I wouldn't even go if I was given free front row tickets. And believe me, I LOVE my music. I've been got bruises in mosh pits at real concerts with real bands.

Ham has been letting me listen to Jacky Cheung and I've grown to love his songs. Even though I don't understand he's singing about the sensation is beautiful. You know what's sad, I was wondering if he was coming here soon. Ham said yeah he's coming this month so I quickly went to check. It's today :( Too late to get any tickets :( If I'd had known earlier my my mom could have gotten me free tickets. SIGH.

This is the english translation of one of my favourite songs of his, Wen Bie (Goodbye Kiss). Go download! Don't understand nevermind, just let it flow.

Goodbye Kiss (Jacky Cheung)
The dusty past becomes a cloud of smoke, scattering before our eyes

Even though we've said goodbye, I can't see any of your sadness
Everything you've given me, it's all been a routine
When you laugh so sweetly, I love you even more wildly

Understanding always occurs instantaneously
Things you've spoken, they'll never happen
In the twinkling of an eye, I see how your face
Has already become unfamiliar, it'll never again be like before
It has begun to snow in my world, so cold that I can't love one day longer
So cold that even my hidden sorrows are all so apparent

You and I kiss goodbye on an empty street
Let the wind laugh idiotically,
I can't refuse it
You and I kiss goodbye on a wild night

My heart is waiting to welcome grief
Wanting to give you nostalgia is like a kite with a broken string
It can't fly into your world, and won't warm your line of sight
I can already see, this play is a tragedy
There's no happy ending, I'm still hiding in your dreams

Okay the english translation abit off..but listen to it in chinese and if you can understand bits and parts you can meltttt.

My goodness since when am I so jiwang. Chinese songs makes me go soft (unlike my usual music my blood and heart pumps mad); its my roots after all and the connection is really quite strong. I've only listened to Emil Chau so far but now Jacky, wow Jacky.


sukyee said...

Connecting with roots is kind of grounding.

Okay, I don't know what I'm talking about. But with Jacky Cheung, he's one of those people I have the highest praise for but somehow never listen to.

Jung said...

stel! i have one new korean song for u!!! haha i think u might like it.

the lyrics are still not bad even though its translated.