Friday, September 07, 2007

Where my balls!

So yeah I don't shop, I don't buy makeup or shoes (cept for converse) or bags. I've never had a facial and I don't use facial cleanser.

But, I am addicted to manicures, pedicures and brazilian waxing.

When I get mani and pedis I always only get the French.

However, these days I get talked into something else. I actually dont want anything but the French but I don't want to offend the manicurist and somehow am shy to insist on what I want.

I end up with disgusting designs.

So sad..but sayang to wash it off :(

I'm a walking freak show.


sukyee said...

French is still the best lah. Those are quite ugly.

Brazilian waxing? You've got balls.

Stella said...

french is the best!! the best!

haha only painful the first few times. but i must admit its more painful compared to getting a tattoo.

however the results are worth it! feel so cleannn