Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Listen carefully.

Unlike most of my friends, I'm not one of those who gets invitations to lush parties or have appointments with different friends to "do lunch" or have engagements at this event or the other. There are only a handful of people I do spend time with and they are usually the same people. I rarely feel obligated to meet someone just because we were friends once upon a time. I only meet the friends who I really want to meet because I enjoy their company or if they need me, never out of courtesy. And the last reason I'd have to go frolicking around with acquaintances is to expand my "contacts" or broaden my circle of friends because I don't need to. I don't like meeting strangers unless they are good friends of already close friends. If that isn't the case, leave me out of it. I'm fine not being able to walk around the mall waving to every 10th person I see thanks.
I have more than enough great friends in my life and I really could not ask for more.
Therefore I basically live my life on my own time. But that does not make my time disposable to everyone else.

But just because I don't whine about how "I don't have the time" because I stuck several obligations up my ass doesn't mean my time is dispensable.


UnkleBus said...

i feel you...i think its a libran thing heh, don't like to be forced and a "no" means NO

joey.khor said...

Whoa, who da fuck pissed you off? i really dun wanna be him or her right now.

im a close fren of your close fren's close fren... er, does that like count? hehe, anyways, finally met you. was a good first impression.:)

Stella said...

unkle bus: yeah that was an extremely 'spur of the moment' post. its more like being taken for granted. hm.

joey: haha actually i woke up that morning on the wrong side of the bed. why really sound very fierce ah? hehe hey you definitely count! you're my good friends' close friend! ah i knew you were cool before i met you. from this and that. and i was right ;)

anomie said...

Whoa... what a post.

Anonymous said...

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