Friday, January 13, 2006


I dreamt of deaths, left or right I saw dying koi fishes, babies, people in buses and on streets. But I was saving them.

Koi fishes in different sizes jumping out of different aquariums. They keep slipping out of my hands, their slimy texture causing me to cringe everytime I had to pick them off the floor and toss them back into the water. But their suicide attempts continued to tire me. Approximately a dozen aquarium lined the wall outside a room brimming with dull sunshine. Someone came to help but it was no remedy, I had to do it myself. They were mostly orange, black and white. I was installing filters, adding water in a frenzy and yet I was dry, parched and barren. Bile threatened to escape my throat and I was trembling in disgust and fear.

I was holding a new-born infant in my arms. I had a vision of an elderly woman with wise lines crossing her eyes and cheeks and she was out to kill the baby I was cuddling. I remember running, I remember being out of breath evading falling and cracking concrete. The woman stared me down and color drained out of my cheeks. I must have blanched a thousand times while holding the baby draped in red cloth.

My feet were hovering over train tracks and highways. I was hopping on top of buses, saving lives. I saw my dad dodging a white vehicle and I panicked. I pulled a Jackie Chan for the next 15 minutes, kicking windows. I tried to scream but I didn't know how. I could not make a sound.
I had to swallow it all. It was creepy, vivid.

All almost graping Jack's right hand.
I woke up exhausted and out of breath, my joints aching. I was freezing. I looked at the time, I was asleep for 2 hours.


jinxed said...

tell me when was the last time we were truly happy, stel? i still remember ray told me that we're the type that have to work hard at being happy. but how hard do we have to work to be happy? i miss u stel...

Stella said...

i should be happy. i've got you, ray and so many significant others by my side all the time. what else could we ask for!

who else could we kid.

Anonymous said...

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