Thursday, January 05, 2006

For the road.

Forgot that there are more pictures from Tyler's camera. Might post them after he uploads them on his multiply.

Oooh look what Elle got for me for Christmas.

Isn't it the cutest hippo ever. I have yet to name him though. But I'm sure we'll come up with something good :D

Another shy picture of Elle&I, muka gones! Err actually mine is just plain fat here la.

We all missed Eve and I want to remind her here that the next session, we will not buy ANY of her excuses. By hook or by crook.. -_-


ElleAshley said...

This is way better... Atleast got sunnies to cover cover abit :P Ty... Where r the rest of the pics?

UnkleBus said...

it is kambings! :)

ayam uploading it tonite

Stella said...

sunnies couldnt cover my entire face :(

alamak ty, *slaps forehead. hahahh

Moet&Chandon said...

By hook or by crook ah?? i need a new hiding place la like tht.