Tuesday, January 24, 2006


10 minutes ago I crowned myself "SuperGirlfriend" with a silver sash which says "Multiple O's" (O for Obligations which are pleasurable of course bearing in mind I'm talking about Rachel and Melanie). Wow Stel's growing up.
So I sat on my couch in my hall with my laptop placed coincidentally, on my lap and in my left hand I was holding my handphone to my ear chatting to Mel about her farewell party as well as other "not-so-trivial" matters in English laced with Cantonese catchphrases. My right hand was typing out the translations from a playing Mandarin song to English words for Ray on MSN as both my eyes scan the Han Yu Pin Yin (Mandarin characters in alphabets) in the window alongside the MSN's. Plus, I relayed a few messages back and forth.

I did this all simultaneously while eyeing my sister's desktop to check if she was working on my new layout.
For those who has actually spent a fair amount of time with Mel or Ray or both, you'd think I was a real hero. With Rachel's profundity and Melanie's flair for incisiveness, I must say I'm quite proud of myself.

Did I mention I'm getting a new layout done? The Hax Philes was never meant to be the actual name of my site, just something that popped by as I was signing up to Blogger. Therefore I need a new one. But I can't think of anything! My brain is fried I tell you..KFC some more. All the fried fried stuff, all the "x to the izzo's". But hm.. I'm already looking forward to the next "feast".