Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cheong Hei.

It all began on the 26th, I went for dinner at Ka Soh with the rest of the gang. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while because I’d be meeting some interesting people for the first time. The food was good and the Lou Sang even better. We made a mess. I’m hoping that would mean that the year ahead would be chaotic and muddled (for me), so much so that I wouldn’t have time to stop and wonder where I’m headed.
Quite ganas. I like. Tyler and Aran were taking the pictures.
Didn't think people as innocent looking as the ones above could be violent "lou-sangers" did you? If that's not a word, I just coined it. You can quote me on that. Muahaha.

This two then maybe-la. OR..
The three unofficial "setanz" of the night? Cannot be. Look at us, aunty there sipping her tea.

In the car on the way, after Tyler had picked Mel and I up, I had an asthma attack which I tried anxiously to relieve. It probably sounded like I was hyperventilating in the backseat. By myself.

We got there and I chugged down as much Chinese tea as I could throughout the dinner. I definitely had a great time despite the agony of breathing. Chatting about nothing in particular to a whole table of people with wit and cleverness is somewhat rare, especially with numerous inside jokes going haywire around the table. At one point, Joey was so extremely comical (although accidental it seems) I laughed so hard I choked. And then I starting coughing whilst laughing, it hurt like a bitch but I realized that this fusion was a lot like life.

After dinner we had a picture taken outside of the restaurant. Whee, vibrant isn’t it. I had intentionally worn an orange shirt to match the plushie that Elle got me. The same orange shirt which my mom said made my arms look twice its size -_-

As we were about to head to our cars, the usual suspects caught each other’s eyes and STP said “Oh no, not tonight.” But the devils were victorious, aren’t we on earth after all. All in all in the past 5 days we visited Jurassic Park for 3 nights, 2 of which were consecutive. The devils switched sides, on the 2nd day STP voiced out her urge for another night. For a split second I thought she was joking, I waited to respond in case she was just teasing and testing rest of us. I waited for the “You guys are terribleeee” but then I caught the glint in her eye. So it was on. The 3rd night however, Aunty Bubbly requested a visit which we quite quickly hehe bought tickets and made necessary arrangements. Aunty Bubbly handled the entertainment bit, I lovedddd her cover of "My Humps".

Of course since Chinese New Year came around we had typical activities which previously, I have to admit, would have been unconventional for us. Elle and Perry picked me up and we went to visit her parents, her grandma and her 2 dogs. You know how I’m usually petrified of dogs? Not Peachy and Tiger. I warmed up to them immediately, didn’t even flinch when Peachy leaped up at me. Woohoo! Quite shiok. We had the best tiny mandarin oranges ever, they were surprisingly sweet and I’ve been craving for them ever since. *hint hint. Hahahaha.

Yesterday Tyler, Elle and Perry came over to my place. After lunch I put on 24, Season 2. One episode and the boys are hooked. Muahahaha. Today, I got to see close friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time and it really made this CNY worthwhile. Edmond and I went for a drink and then back to my house where Pearly and Kevin were also here. Though at home I didn’t get to speak to Edmond much, my dad was hogging him. They were discussing gym business tactics and theories and I had no interest whatsoever to take part in that conversation so I focused on my youngest sister Esther cracking jokes at my expense to Pearly and Kevin. When your 8 year old sister tells jokes about you that could shut you up, you know you’re getting enough attention at home. Spotlight!

Elle, Perry, Tyler and I planned a steamboat which happened earlier tonight. I brought Pearly and Kevin along and another friend Andre came a little later. Tom Yum broth and seafood. Wahlau, I ate till I couldn’t move. Felt close to being in the K-Hole. Gotta blame it on lunch too, I had buffet at Shogun. I overdosed on food today.

Now I’m home..watered and fed. An hour ago I had another asthma attack. I went around looking for my stupid heavy liquid inhaler and couldn’t find it. I walked downstairs, hoping it’d be in the medicine cabinet. I came back up and I’m seated here with my laptop and 2 containers of cookies instead. See, lesson learnt from today’s post. Something as fucked up as an asthma attack could lead to beautiful things. Like this peanut cookie I’m about to devour.


UnkleBus said...

yeaaa... lou sang again today.. muahahaha

Stella said...

i know! i quite excited lo! :P


kimfluttersby said...

my sis's bf and i coincidentally share the same "keganasan" when it comes to lo sang. we would grab the fish and lo lo lo away keeping the fish within our chopsticks. nyeak nyeak!

tcare of the health gurl... rats are prone to accident this year... or i dunno abt ox.. let's take it you're a rat. anyway, must still take care.

miss u.. muax.

Stella said...

wah never thought you'd be one to be ganas with lou sang hahaha.

you take care too. enjoy all the ipoh food you always brag about. maybe we'll pop by *fingers crossed. either way, i'll definitely see you soon lah! tell your family i said "gong hei fatt choy!"

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