Thursday, January 19, 2006

When it bleeds, it pours.

Some unions are meant to be and this is one.
When I first had my heart broken I ran to him and he offered me chocolate milk. When mercy gave me away I ran to him for refuge and he took me in to watch him play PS2 games.
My godbrother Pek San -_-
I don't understand the bond between us both and maybe that's why its so precious. Eeyer, so geli.
Ooh not to forget, Justinnnnn. The 3rd player, the biggest joker I know.

Yeah, the picture above is probably why I'm related to them both. This is what I call "Dim Delights."


m&c said...

Hahaha if ur related...there's an unfair distribution of height.


Stella said...

hey being short has its advantages okay :P

err quite sad la but i'm not sure if you are who i think you are.
confirmation please :P