Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Polished weekend.

One music at Zouk was alright. It was just Tyler and I flying solo but we met some other friends there.
Gerald[Gman] and I.
Suzanne and IJason[Fono] and I
Marco & Lucinda.

The rest of the crew (haha) wanted to detox but not Ty and I, no sirree we needed to de-stress haha after a bad week we both had. The night after this one ALMOST everyone was present for Bass Agents. Aunty Bubbly has been missing in action for way too long.
But the music was ticking us off especially Elle and I so we left early. Boom Boom Boom Boom *raise one eyebrow*, I can't believe I expected some drum&bass set, I've never heard the Bass Agents before but Kenneth happens to be my next-door neighbor/pretty docile&nice guy and the "Bass" in Bass Agents threw me off. But I have a feeling we took pretty good pictures because they were snapped before we flew into any holes :D muahaha.
I'll post them up soon.


Anonymous said...

boom boom boom boom, i want you in my room. kakakakakkkaa..


Stella said...

oi -_-
siao ah.

Anonymous said...

tman meets gman ^_^


Stella said...

haha err.

is that you, gman?

Anonymous said...

yes . there can only be one :P


ElleAshley said...

I want pic from that dreadful night too! :P Dollllll........

Stella said...

now i want the pics from last night -_- how la, we gotta find a way to poke her in the back for these things :P

Anonymous said...

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