Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where is Propagandhi?

Pulau Ketam's steamboat porridge. I'm not comfortable with cooking stuff in my porridge. So it wasn't a very pleasant experience seeing fishballs, wantons and foo chuk in my porridge. Porridge porridge porridge. That's Hafiz (back from Perth) and Yaty in the back, who are staying with us for a whole week and a half! Shucks can't see Connie next to Yaty, she's 7 and a half months pregnant and she looks DAMN cute and round.'s actually white. But its the "reaction" from Joyce's red shirt. (HAHAHA reaction! *alliance joke) Does anyone know how to change that wallpaper in the background? Help!

My almost everyday lunch. Tulip's Spicy Luncheon Meat. It's not really enough unless you have half a can. On its own.
My beat up toenail :D It's gone now. I picked at it till it bled so I sort of stopped.

Victor after his accident. BMW total loss, what is a RM1000 fine. Victor is quite concerned that is this picure is found online it would find its way to The Star. But be warned, whoever who rips this picture off will have their head ripped off their body. Won't win one la he wouldn't do the "jolly good" sign for this picture.
Really pretty dog. Look ma, no chains.
Lan's latest pet. It's a step up from snakes I feel. When I'm at his house I'm actually a little nervous that something might jump out of the cages and lunge for me. Or or worse, all ten snakes at once. Ham is getting quite worried about my luncheon meat intake. He asked me to pack on the pounds but at the rate I'm going its apparently scary.
Go Tulip! Forget Spam!

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