Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Jung called me and asked if I wanted tickets to Good Charlotte. I instinctively gasped and said "I hate Good Charlotte Jung."

I think I came off sounding a bit rude, sorry Jung! Hehe but its reflex. My goodness they are coming to Malaysia? Even more of an affirmation that pop bands are taking over the world. Who in the world dared to say that Good Charlotte was punk? Or Pop Punk even. You can't dress punk and look punk, only music and lifestyle is. Sure some of these shit bands are musically inclined, but anyone can be. It's being real that counts in music. Music isn't just rhythm and lyrics. It's beliefs, actions and just being very true to yourself.

It was about 5 years ago when I felt very proud to be Malaysian. It was when I first heard Gerhana Ska Cinta. Such insane potential.

Real life was stumped when the 90s came by. We are all just making do.

Oh and I also hate any toilets, sitting or squatting, that has water splashing onto your feet when you flush. Because everytime I use a public restroom, I have to prepare to run for cover before I flush. So it's my feet as close to the door as possible and my arm stretched as far as I could to flush the damn toilet. And even if make a run for it I sometimes still get it on me. I HATE IT! It's like shitty bands, you just can't avoid it. It's nothing wrong to make music but its everything wrong when you claim yours to be something it isn't. Why are you trying to dupe yourself and insult the the bands who really are something.

Actually, it could be a whole new genre. Wannabe Pop or Wannabe Rock, maybe just Wannabe. Well then there are some good wannabe pop bands.

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