Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shorty won a jug of beer!

Hafiz, one of Ham's roommate during their KTJ time is staying with us again during his Easter holidays. Hafiz's girlfriend Yaty works in Thai Club as their Marketing Manager.

Now I normally wouldn't have thought of going to Thai Club. I know how many (including myself before) cringes at the thought of going to places like Beach Club, Thai Club, Aloha. Even before we've stepped into the place.

Anyway on Tuesday we had dinner in Thai Club while waiting for Yaty to get off work. We were sitting outside at the back so I couldn't really see but there was this stage inside and the hostess who was a transvestite was reallly entertaining. He could sing too! At first we were a little apprehensive with the atmosphere, it felt kinda foreign but the night turned out really fun!

After the dance performance the DJ suddenly said "You know our bartendress Crystal, she's really short. If there's anyone in this club shorter than her, I'd give you a jug of beer. But I doubt there is."

I perked up. Then kept my mouth shut but it was too late. Yaty looked at me and said "Stel! Oh my god I'm gonna call Crystal over."

She came over and yes, I was half an inch shorter than her apparently. So Ham dragged me up to the DJ because him and Hafiz so badly needed another jug to share after their 2nd one. When Yaty flagged the DJ down and pointed in the direction of a sheepish me and a happy Crystal (because there's actually another girl shorter than she is) and the DJ said "SHIT! You are shorter than her! Is that your boyfriend?" I nodded ni Ham's direction and he continued to ask Ham "You're so tall and she's so short? How do you guys kiss?!" Ham leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and we got that jug of beer!

I think its damn cool lor.

The four of us went home happy. Then other guys came with a bottle of Martell and 2 red wines and the five of them finished it clean.

Does anyone else drink whiskey with warm water? Because Ham drinks it like that at home and apparently its better for you. It doesn't give you a headache.

Ok! Back to MSN Uno. Pek San and I keep getting beat and its time to fight back!

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