Monday, April 30, 2007

I come to you as a friend.

Joyce and I were having Dim Sum with Daddy Oo. The trays were coming around and Joyce and I started pointing at what we wanted while my dad eyes' followed our gestures when suddenly my dad reaches his hand out to ours in a smacking gesture and said "Don't simply point point point, I beat one ah." and then he chuckled and went back to eating his big pau. So random.

Later we were home watching the TV with Esther and there was this cool Taiwanese show on. It's called Treasure Hunt where these ppl go around looking for good food and other things to see on the show. At one part they were holding this sign with chinese words on it up and my dad quickly turned to Esther and said "What does it say? What does it say?" And Esther was scanning the screen with her panicky eyes while my add continues to say "Angry one ah I send you to school cannot read." Esther was panicking and exclaming "It's in old Chinese, olden Chinese!" HAhahaha my dad and I couldn't stop laughing.

We went to buy Cassidy's stuff like a crate (which I'm not planning to use), and more biscuits and other stuff and when we're at the counter he did his famous 'pretending to walk away while they are ringing up the purchases' except this time he really walked out for a whole minute while Joyce and I yanked out our wallets in a frenzy counting our money and then he walks back in with his wallet in hand chuckling to himself and making a "haha" face at the cashier.

I wonder if I get my sense of humor from him. I hope so!

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