Sunday, April 29, 2007


It's funny how there are two very distinct worlds in alcoholism. Those who don't realize what a severe disorder it is, and those who are aware that it can be fatal and struggle to keep it a secret from their peers.

"So alcooo." I hear it all the time. It's like, the more you drink, the trendier you are. And the funniest thing is when people proclaim (so-called la oh its so bad for me la but actually.. they are so proud to say) that they themselves are alcoholic. They even sell it like its a brand. It's part of their hip hip image. Years ago depression was probably the hip trend and now it's alcoholism.

Lately I've seen what being an alcoholic is, and how empty that person's life can be when he drowns himself in any form of liquor day after day, night after night. There's nothing glamorous about it, there's nothing to be proud of. In fact he knows my disapproving eyes are on him and when his skin fades to red I can't help but feel slightly disgusted. He knows, he masks it, he gives excuses. When someone drinks at an alarming rate daily, he knows it's something he should be ashamed of and he is. The sweets and gum he keeps in his pockets has ulterior motives. His family tries not to mention it or to act like it bothers them but organs are failing and we all know the cause.

Is there anyone who thinks this fella is hip? Now you are thinking "well this guy went overboard, he doesn't know his limit." But thats how sooo many wants to sound like, I hear and read it all the time, "My liver so gonna fail lor." Wow man, really its no joke. really is stupid to me, to hear people throwing the term around so carelessly. Maybe it's just friendly banter. But there are people who build their image around it and thats all it is, an image. Sure you can hold your liquor and you like the taste of it, but that doesn't make you an alcoholic so don't label yourself so smugly. Really, they talk about it as if its something sad and that they can't help but they are proud of it! They honestly think it makes them hip.

Now if it was someone super hooked onto drugs, would they say "I'm so addicted laa I can take up to how much how much. I'm such a drug addict la *laughs demurely*". No because people who do it knows what its about and knows its not something that should be taken lightly like that.

Alcohol is not all that different. The only difference is that its legal.

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