Monday, April 09, 2007

Esther is 10!

Today Esther had her 10th birthday party. Okay its not the 10th she's had but she's 10 now and she had about 20plus friends over today. Joyce and I stayed up late last night planning the games, the balloons the food the prizes. Voonz came over last night and helped with the balloons. My two darling Kakaks also helping with the balloons, the cooking and the "headaches" as we lovingly called the event.
Joyce and I decorated the house :D My phone's pictures has this yellow tinge to it *ugh. The pictures does no justice to what was in reality. The whole house was bursting in colors.
There was so much leftover KFC. So I had six pieces today. Abuot four balloons popped in my face today. I didn't get hit by a water balloon. And speaking of those water balloons, you nkwo the proper teensy ones meant to be water balloons? Not the normal ones where when you throw them at someone they bounce off, hit the floor and thats when they burst? These ones are awesome water balloons but they are a bitch to fill up. I'm tugging and huffing to very gingerly pull the mouth over the tap hoping it doesn't tear and I get to fill it up without water spraying in three directions. My two favourite colors! I saved these for the end when no one else had any more and all power was in my hands muahaha.

Anyway Esther's theme was her two favourite colors, orange and hot pink (*cringe, though its better than the pastel). Joyce and I wore her Zara tops; one which said I Love Pink and I wore the one which said I Love Orange -_-"

Esther got this really cool laughing Elmo. It's damn retarded. It keeps laughing and moving about changing laughing poses. Sometimes it even sounds like you're torturing it!

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