Monday, October 31, 2005

polygraph, not now!

Last night I made the funniest discovery. Actually, those two words shouldn't go together but that's the more accurate phrase albeit slightly off beam.
Jon is back here in Malaysia, just a stopover for a couple of days while he and his band tour South East Asia. So Jon, Khai Lee and I were telling stories of concerts and gigs we've been to or heard of around the world and then Khai Lee goes "Hey, there's this music festival, and the whole gig is on an island!" and Jon replies "What? Zoukfest? On Sentosa?", trying not to laugh.
I looked over at Khai Lee and he had confused plastered over his forehead.
I couldn't help but burst out in laughter.

Okay. You had to be there la.

The thing is, I realized at that moment, how I really do have each leg in separate worlds. No wonder I'm not walking a straight road.


khailee said...

u enjoy spreading ur legs dont u =PPPPPPPPP (u may censor this tasteless joke if u wish)

kimfluttersby said...

babe.. pls plan with the rest. i'm quite confirmed goin with u guys to sg for zoukout. hehe.. plan fast fast k? maybe we can celebrate our bdays in sg too. hehe. yippie! i kinda told my parents already, they're fine with it. hehe.

Stella said...

khailee: i'll do u a favor and pretend i didnt read that :P

kim: for sure! when you're back, we'll do everything together!!