Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A downer.

On the left, we have Hee Jung. That's me in the middle and on the other side, I give you, Jane. Currently, we live together, hence, we are housemates. That's for pointing out the obvious and for redundancy's sake because I can be a retard, ask anyone. Apart from bringing Buffy, Jane's dog, out for walks, cleaning our rooms and singing along to James Blunt (Jane and I anyway; as HJ is the hiphop queen), we also cook. And therefore, we are chefs in disguise!

This evening's masterpieces:

Minced Beef with onions and potatoes. Other than the customary salt and pepper, Jane added honey to her soon-to-be famous dish.

Chicken curry with potatoes, duh. The secret compenent here is, a teeny bit of my spit because Jane said something ridiculous while I was adding the coconut milk. But hey it turned out to be the highlight of the feast, no offence Jane. Err I love you? :P

And Hee Jung happened to be our celebrated washer-woman of the evening. She forgot to capture the images of the dishes after she was done with them. My my, as if diamonds lined them! And there you have it, with the presence of plate-licking delicacies, the evening was of course perfect.

Later in the night though, I discovered that in the midst of writing my journal article review this morning, I decided to transfer my files from Hee Jung’s thumb drive into mine. Being the clever girl I thought I was, I CUT and paste. I happened to be listening to a song on the thumb drive so the files didn’t transfer right. And soooo, being the bright bright girl that I am, I deleted the entire folder so I could transfer it all over again.
Help, thumb drives doesn’t come with Recycle Bins. 5 of my individual assignments, 2 of my group projects and 36 files of research (that’s to say the least), evaporated into digital atmosphere.
I didn’t figure this out up till 2 hours ago. I want to cry, 2 of those assignments are due tomorrow afternoon. I finished them 2 nights ago. That’s for coming home drunk at almost 5am and writing reviews till 8 in the am. I’m so upset I want to shave my head.


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splatspit said...

wahhh.... people got new bloggggg...... im impressed... and so happenings somemoreeee... wahhhh...... me not hip enough for u already... hehehe :p

Stella said...

leonard, you want me to smack you is it? im not as happening as some ppl who drinks designer coffee all the time wei :P addict!!

splatspit said...

well... im a routined person = boring... :) and why is my link called The Addict?!.... It's just coffeeee!! :p

Stella said...

still an addiction right, why you go think bad bad things all.. :p

splatspit said...

dunno... prolly just reminded me of some bad bad girl? ;) heh!