Saturday, October 08, 2005

Buffy the Heartstrings Player.

Really now, I walked outside to get something to drink and caught a glimspe of my JD Salinger's Franny and Zoey on the floor drenched in sticky yellow liquid. Buffy.. -_-
My heart literally constricted. That dog-eared book is irreplacable. Many lessons were taught in those pages.

Evil gay-dog with a hidden agenda. You know, Jane bought him two shirts, that pink one he's wearing and an army tank top. He always chooses the pink one. Therefore, still being politically correct; he's a bitch. But somethings and some people, you can't help but love. Same goes for Buffy, and the bitch who broke my heart. Oops, my bitterness is beginning to seep into cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

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kimfluttersby said...

hey thomas wears alot alot alot of pink too! :P ok shall not compare a dog and thomas. *grins*