Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just a number.

So, I had a good weekend despite coming down with the blues on Friday. I had wrenched myself in an obscure position between paralysis and misery but come the am, the gang tried to suprise me with a cake and beers but the tables were turned. 20 minutes before they arrived, I stuck a sign on my front door which said “You are horrible liars.” Their moans and groans were pure joy.

The weekend was scattered with trips around town, lunch at Bon Ton’s, a dinner at La Bodega where we binged followed by a whole lot of liquor at Poppy Garden Saturday night, and unusually good company Sunday night. I’m pretty sure I got more than I deserved.

Lo and behold the weekend is over and I’m back to reality in Camp Boredom where I have 3 presentations scheduled this week. *whimpers.


Anonymous said...
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kimfluttersby said...

you surely deserved one hella good time gurl. i love u i love u i love u! we're gonna celebrate together in no time. back on dec 4. cnf. *muah*

Stella said...

i cant wait!! *hugs.