Sunday, October 09, 2005

Marvelous Things.

That's the title of a song by a band I discovered recently. The joy of resting facedown on a thin pillow while songs of theirs saunters through the atmosphere is dark and magical; much like the woods of The little red riding hood. The best yet ever since The Spill Canvas.
My latest addiction: Eisley. Highly recommended.
Room Noises, the only album so far. But they've got a couple of EPs out as well.

My dad and I were in the car and he piped up "You know what I did to Joyce this morning?" he snickers "I opened the door and asked 'Joyce are you sleeping?' and she said 'yes', so I said "then how come you can answer me". Apparently, he then quickly closed the door and laughed all the way downstairs. I think we can see how I got to become the way I am today.
Joyce, my sister, told me that the family was at a dinner thingy and the adults were discussing the 2nd PHD of one of my moms' friends and the "initials" she could have on her name card next. The uncle next to Joyce nudged her and went, "Don't worry, your mother has one too. It's CSSKLKK." "What does that stand for? Why so long one?!"

-_- "Ching Sui Sui, Kia Lai Kia Kh-e"
direct translation : "Wear nice nice, walk here walk there."

Oh, he with the beautiful mind, unfortunately can't read minds (*uh-hyuk), otherwise he wouldn't end up:


Anonymous said...

are you the stella from stellaboo@mblog previosly?
can write good..


Stella said...

yeah its me :)
err, thank you? i cant actually.