Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ladies who lunch.

Yes, Rachel, Kim and Melanie has been the only bridges never burnt, always sturdy. And even if it takes all that I've got to preserve the harnass, I'd do it to my very last breath.
But I've made a few additions. It's recently built, but I'm pretty sure these ones will prove to be durable. There is one, however, where I played Pyro and burnt quite a few times but it bounced back. See Mun, you can be a real idiot at times but birds of a feather flock together.

See Mun and I at Mambo. She looks like a cat. I look like, yoh I dont even want to talk about it.

The HipHop Queen, watch her footwork when Eve's I got what you need comes on, highway to headache. My ghetto partner.

Debbie goes both ways. Really one.
I'm pissed. I don't have a picture with the new Rachel.
But here's a picture of all the new chicks in my life. 'Girlfriends!' (Shoot me please)

Like I said, birds of a feather..

Retardssssss, Unite!

They make me want to break out in church hymms, "Forever and ever, amen!"


kimfluttersby said...

grr you had to post the most pregnant-looking pic of me and rach! :P but..*sniffs* thanks babe. hehe..

Stella said...

i look like im suffering from elephant-its. dont complain! :P
when you're back we'll take more. oh way i'm joining the 3 of you in the camwhores category.

kimfluttersby said...

too bad, you're there already. you've mastered the art of taking pics. :P and ah see make-up there in most pics. hehe.

Stella said...

haha just eyeliner on the lids. thats all im using for now.

they say pretty soon im gonna use blusher, mascara and whatever else they have.
oh no *dies.