Thursday, October 20, 2005


I think I might be suffering from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) the past 3 days. I simply cannot sit still and concentrate on the abundance of work I have on my plate.
On Monday I had my advertising presentation which came off much better than expected so that's one burden of my shoulders and when I got home to my apartment, Hee Jung suggested we watch "A moment to remember" which was supposed to be a definite tearjerker but heartless ol me didn't shed a tear; I was probably trying too hard.
I can't remember much after this as Jane and Adil got home while I was watching Herbie Fully Loaded (thank goodness) and all I do remember now is, cooking 'ginger mi suah' with Jane and eating it Tuesday night, Wednesday evening, Wednesday late evening, Wednesday night, Wednesday late night and Wednesday dawn; those meals made me feel extremely Asian and grown-up. C'mon, we recycled the soup over and over, adding more water, pepper, salt and soya sauce. We'd left the chicken bones in there for flavor but the previous ingredients have mostly disintegrated: a display of our survival instincts. I remember watching "A moment to remember" again and fell asleep halfway, I woke up at 4am and Jane and I watched some Stephen Chow movie while eating sandwiches with luncheon meat, sausages and cheese and then fell asleep at dawn, next thing I knew I woke up a few hours later having a panic attack for missing my deadlines.

Actually, I'm still panicking. But I just can't concentrate. It's pointless. I hate being behind, it demotivates me. My week here has been fruitless so far and I still want to continue to be unproductive. Though I've just made sandwiches with sausages and luncheon meat. Habis-la I'm gonna die of high cholestrol and lung cancer.
I currently have 2 laptops switched on and the one which I am using to write my essay is idle. I should really prioritize better, or at all.


splatspit said...

wasssupp haps girl! haps haps haps! :D

kimfluttersby said...

oh no.. that's bad girl. what happened? but that's alright. happens to me too. i can have exam the next day and spend the whole night blog-surfing and blogging. heh. well, it won't hit u till something happens. can't say what, but for me, it's when my lecturer tells us that if we're late by 1 second, 5 marks is to be deducted. that kind of fear. but that's alright unless the subject is extremely difficult and we're not just aiming for a "pass".

wake up!

Stella said...

leo: haps your head. haps ppl drink americanos. i don't. hahaha.

kim: i don't know why but now that i'm studying communications, its feels kinda stupid to me and its hard to take it seriously :P everything just needs to be sugar-coated with technical terms and you're basically there. a high-school kid can do the same. i'm in the wrong course :(

kimfluttersby said...

hey gurl, you need to put your heart into it. i know what you mean abt sugar-coating with technical terms and all. actually sugar-coating with technical terms apply not only in communications but with all other industries as well, so there's no escape. it's just a matter of building the skill. you won't feel it till you reach the final year. seriously. just build on those skills k? *muaxie* i love you!

splatspit said...

HAPPPPSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say wanna call this week but never call, to HAPS already some people... me no haps enough for u eh? u haps la i tell u... HAAAAAPSSSS!!! :D