Thursday, May 31, 2007

My reflection, dirty mirror.

I just read my sister's blog and damn I want to eat Nutella from the jar. The big one. But i'm still slightly afraid of it.

Coughing phlegm for a fortnight is not pleasant. Speaking in a drag queen's voice can be fun but it gets old. Sleepless nights and a very painful throat.

But I did eat 7 packets of Mamee Monster last night. And I sense that my luncheon meat binge will come on again. It's like the tide.

The only thing though, that I've had so much of I'm put off for life, is orange popcicles. What was it called again, Split? I scarfed down on those like they were air.

I'm chatting with Rachel on MSN and its been said that in Grey's Anatomy, she would be Meredith and I would be Christina -_- I always have to be the one who's a bit chee sin thanks. But I love Christina so okay I'm Christina.

Rachel also asked me to read this. I agree with the fella. I don't have shopping or eating in my hobbies in Friendster, I checked. But still, I could pass for one of the mediocre girls he's talking about. Ray says we're not those girls because we have a different way of life. I get what she means but I'm still not sure. I hate that as I was reading it I was steadily agreeing and then I hated it even more when I went on the defense wondering if I could be one of those girls. Whatever am I talking about bah.

I love it when Ham is watching Boston Legal, its the one time he laughs out loud several times in an hour when facing a screen. It's good that we have one common interest so far. No our dogs, myself and ganja doesn't count. Actually there's also our love for Heroes, Lost and Rome. Oh oh and we love (hang on let me ask him) *ahem he said something very inappropriate so nevermind scratch that I'll think of some myself, shit there really isn't anything else other than TV shows! Plus, he hates The OC, he falls asleep at Grey's, thinks Veronica Mars is stupid and he doesn't enjoy Weeds! True, these are "flimsy" shows but I so enjoy watching them. We have different ideas on how someone should be when in a relationship but yet we agree on what a relationship should be based on. Like I would get slightly upset if he were to speak to one of his exes and not tell me about it but when I tell him about my conversations with my exes he's like "Oh really?" and goes back to what he's doing. Damn it. Why can't he be more insecure and jealous :(

I am too much of a sure thing. But then again, so is he :)
I've had my sister tell me, a week ago, that if she were to reach a point in a relationship where she'd know she would be ready for a long-term one, it would be when she's me and her partner Ham. *gulp. And that she thinks its wonderful how we fight and "unfight" ourselves. First mature thing my sister ever said to me! And that's why I tell her everything and she's one of my bestest friends even though she's a lazy bitch who scores straight As in all her exams.

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Perry said...

I thought you were always in for Nutelle Phlegm :D