Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's day.

I didn't spend Mother's day with my mom for the first time in my whole life this year.

I was going to, but was told she was busy and won't be around.
But LAST MINUTE, my family decided to do something with her without even informing me beforehand! I had to find out by calling them. SO HURT. But it's okay I'll make it up to Ma. Last year I got her helium balloons. This year I'll probably get her..more helium balloons. Since the whole family (well except for Pa) likes them harhar.

So we thought Connie would deliver her baby girl on Mother's day but it turned out we miscalculated and she has a quick birth in less than 3 hours in the labour room at dawn the next day to beautiful baby Caeley. I helped choose the name! Connie was gonna go with Ambelle but I talked her out of it :P

Connie gave birth to a 2.83kgs baby Caeley the natural way without an epidural. Now I really salute her. I hope to go through the exact same thing sometime soon. You know I've sat and spoken to girls who are moms and girls who are successful. Actually I shouldn't say successful because I think my perception of success is very different to most girls. Only other girl that has the same dreams as I is my sister Joyce. Okay anyway, both girls has experience I definitely don't have but I really have to say the girls who are moms, are way more worldly and sage than "successful" girls are. I mean yes you can carry on intellectual conversations, and have seen these parts of the world and yet, there is something missing. It'd be impossible to pin-point just what but something essential to life is missing.

I couldn't get a picture of baby Caeley with her eyes properly open. She kept opening and closing them. Haha it was like a race to get an open eyed picture! Man she really looks like Victor in this picture. But when her eyes are open she has her mommy's big eyes with very prominent double eyelids.

I remember how Connie's contractions were 4 minutes apart and she sat with us smiling and chatting. Though I could see beads of sweat on her forehead. Wonder woman!

Sigh its taking me so long to load the pictures. They keep timing out.

Ooh here's one. Her goddaddy Ham is playing with her :D

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