Friday, May 11, 2007

Good eye sniper. I'll shoot, you run.

The busier I am it seems I write here more.

I NEED a camera. I see sooo many photo ops when my pups are around. Their bitch fights should be recorded. Cassie has been tired of being sat on and nipped by Mac so she's fighting back hardcore. Ham and I would make a giant bowl of cereal (when I say giant we usually finish the whole box in one sitting), sit on the floor and watch them. Cassie charges at Mac full force and bites her face her feet everything! But because she knows she's smaller she hides half her body under the bed and stretches out to bite Mac who's waiting on the outside. But if Mac walks away Cassie comes out from under the bed and attacks Mac! She even made Mac cry a few times. I used to watch in horror but now I'm quite used to it and only stop them when they get too aggresive. <3 My pups are my escape hatch and a destination in itself. This has really sneaked up on me. My love for them brought something up inside me, woke something up.

Oh I've never wanted a camera more badly than this. Every moment passes and I cringe at the wasted opportunity to snap a picture. They are only pups once! Does anyone know how I can obtain a camera for free? Please please please I'll sell my.. well, I don't have much to begin with so scratch that.

I re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the 6th time yesterday to Ham's dismay as I had a presentation this morning :D
I can't wait for the next one Daddy's already booked it for me!

Annoying classmates. Well they're not mine but its a combined class and I have not met a more irritating bunch. My classmates and I were studying in class and this group was idiotically playing songs from their handphones. Like two of them simultanouesly! The range of music was killing me. There was that stupid pop Take your hands off my girl song and there was that "hey hey girlfriend shit" that I bet is the International Official Cheerleading some or something. Made me feel like stabbing the next girl I see in pink. And they'd be singing along changing songs every 30 seconds. If I hear "when darkkknesss turns to light" one more time I'd morph into a serial killer.

My classmates and I were SO annoyed. The four of us were rolling our eyes at each other when one of us, well his phone rang and it was that same hey hey something girlfriend song and my other classmate exclaimed "Hakim! Oh my god what kind of song is that! No shame ah!". The other group turned to us and one of them said "Hey thats an insult, we were just singing to that song." My classmate gave him, yes HIM, a VERY patronizing smile. I like her lah.

Sometimes love grabs you by the throat and makes you do things you wouldn't have done in its absence. It's very odd and nonlinear and organic. Yet its very real.

For now, I am real.

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