Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Retract the footsteps that brought us to this favor

You'd think I'm a dog-lover by now. When we are at pet stores or out with Cassie other dog owners come up to me and chat about their dogs and etc. It's like being a parent! It's a club! But when I see other dogs I'm just ho-hum still. They don't interest me one bit. Weird.

The other day we were at Low Yat with Victor and Connie and I was carrying Cassie in my arms because we left her in the car for a while but I was fretting the whole time worrying so I went down and played with her in the car when I realized, all the money was with me soI went back up. After an hour I said to Connie, "My arms quite tired la." Connie, who is 8 months plus pregnant said, "Wait till you have this." :) I CAN'T WAIT I TELL YOU.

So Cassidy and Mackenzie are getting along better now. Smelling each others erm "put-puts" and their daddy calls it. Ham is quite the loving parent, he too now wakes up at 7am to play with them. But right now it's almost 7pm and all three of my babies are napping soundly.

Cassie got her first jab today. Ham and I were super chickenshit during the shot. I was going "Ok you hold her, I can't watch." While he, was cowering behind my bag going "No I don't want to see her in pain." But in the end we both held her. She only yelped two small yelps. We were expecting a long cry because when Mac pounces on her and bites her her howls are SO SAD. The other day Mac pounced on her and bit her and some of her fur came off! I saw it floating in the air where she was before she ran and hid under the bed. I literally felt my heart constrict. Then Mac got a big bad scolding from daddyHam and he hit her on her backside! I WAS SO SAD FOR BOTH OF THEM.

You know it seems like we're playing favourites with them because Ham and I are both very protective of Cassie but its only natural because she's so much smaller (although she thinks she's the gang leader). Plus Mac is said to have a killer instinct with smaller animals so that definitely needs to be harnessed! Ham hates it when I clap and kill mostikos hehe so as a result, i get mozzie bites all over me. So he definitely plans on curbing her killer instinct. You know Siberian Huskies can kill sheep? But so far Mac is harmless, I think she thinks I'm another puppy. She follows me everywhere and jumps all over me. But when she's with Ham, she always walks behind him and immediately sits when he stares at her. Hmph. If I stare at her she'd just jump at me. AT me you know.

It's adorable though the way Mac sits when Ham stares but then she'd roll over on her back and act cute with him, slapping her paws in his direction. Although the other day I was really upset with Mac because we put food in her bowl and Cassie went over to have a bite and instead got bitten by Mac! Ham gave her another scolding and told her that if she didn't want to share, she's not gonna have any food! So we took away her food for..5 minutes.

Last night Cassie was sleeping under our couch downstairs when Mac squeezed in. Then I heard yelping. I went "Babe! Get them out!" and he said to let them play. Then I heard a more alarmed yelping and I went into a frenzy and started hitting the couch going "BABE!!! GET HER OUT!!" Then I looked under the couch at them and it was actually Mac stuck and Cassie sort of laughing at her -_- Sigh fail as a mom.

Cassidy can now do Up, Sit, and Hand. She also comes very quickly when she's called and IF she's in the mood to layan you. Ham has concluded that she's super cunning. But she knows how to melt your heart. She can even do the peekaboo! We took her out for Uncle Arthur's birthday last night and she was so well-behaved..that is until Auntie Melanie held her.

Mac can erm only Sit so far. Huskies are hard to train and she's still a pup. 8 weeks old. She wants to be carried around ok!

Sigh I'm bored. Cassie, Mac and daddyHam are all sleeping. But I'm appreciating the peace and quiet. And the fact that there won't be pee and shit to clean up for a while. They both know to shit and pee in the toilet but sometimes they go right outside the toilet door. I feel like waking one of them up to teman me. Hm who to pick who to pick.

(For the first time ever I really wish I have a nice digital camera, so I can take better pictures of them. After all, they are only pups once! It's the best time for pics :( Someone buy me one?)
And now I can't post any pictures because blogger is on the rag.

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