Friday, May 25, 2007

And I will flail under these lights

My pups are waking me every 3 hours. I should learn to ignore them but their eager faces and antsy scrambling at my bedside... They are just irresistable.

And once in a while, at times much like now I can't fall back asleep so here I am.

It's ten in the morning. Ham and I have been "marathoning" Rome for the past few nights sleeping at 8am and we're done with Season 1 and halfway through Season 2 where we're back to the part where we have to wait and download each following episode. Woe. Good stuff.

When they're naughty I feel like smacking them sometimes because my incessant Nos obviously does not scare them. But when Ham rises and I stand beside him they both stare back and forth at us. Like its Wimbledon. Ha. The husky is unquestionably not afraid of me. She's like a cow gallivanting (yes she's a dignified cow) around the room trying to trip me or shove Cassie into a corner. I feel like renaming her to Ah Goo.

We bought a cane. Not to hit them but to make a realy loud "whoop" when we hit the bed to scare them. It has stopped working. They are puppies and I really do want them to behave like puppies, get up to no good, make a whole lot of noise but it gets to me when they start breaking things and ripping my books into pieces. Yes, Sigmund Freud was all over the room. I put things that are a danger to them away but they are destroying things that would result in a danger to them.

I get angry I yell and they look sad for a few moments before everything goes back to normal. Havoc. But I'm loving every minute of it.

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