Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dirty laundry.

I'd just read Elle's blog and was reminded about this bar in The Curve, Laundry. I first heard of it last year when Khai Lee and his friend Yuri (together known as Project Bazooka or Bazooka Project. I'm not sure, we spent a good half an hour debating about and I definitely preferred the latter.) I'm a horrible friend and never made it there to any of their open mic shows :( Sorry Khai Lee, but you're always in and out of the country I can't keep track!

I hate to say this, but I'm glad I didn't. Despite the hooha about the place, I've heard two horrifying accounts of peoples' visits there and it's enough for me never to step foot in the place. A group of younger boys and girls, a group of 10 probably were there and asked for another table because duh, how can you fit 10 on a small table. And frankly they thought they would merit another table without any hesitations as a few of them have had worked for the same manager at that Italiannies, One Utama. Instead that same manager said "Why don't you all just fuck off! You all are only 18, I don't want your ice lemon tea and coke business!" And when they told the owner she somehow dismissed them.

Niama. Now these people aren't even my own friends but that's besides that point. What kind of fucked up ethics is that.

To my friends who goes there :) I love you all, so no offence. Don't invite me if you're going. Until that specific person is fired from that place, God knows what I would say when I'm there.

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