Monday, August 21, 2006


I dragged myself out of bed at 9.15 for my 10am class.
This class was to be from 10 to 4 with an hour break at noon.
I trudged up the stairs to the 2nd floor and searched for Tutorial 5. Empty.
I crawled up to the 3rd floor and looked high and low for hopefully, another Tutorial 5.
I rounded the block thrice.

Then I crossed 3 blocks to the Faculty to see if maybe this really was another unfortuntate day in this hell-hole.
No changes. I called my lecturer's extention. He's not in. Shit he must be in class and I was half an hour late. Given, he isn't the brightest lecturer but he has always been really nice and I wanted to be punctual for his classes.

I walked back 3 blocks and searched for the class again. The usual students crowding around the smoking area looked on as I passed them huffing and puffing for the 5th time. Sweating like a small pig I stood inside the empty classroom for a full minute seething and wanting to kill someone.

Feeling dejected I gave up and drove Jung and Nina home to our apartment.
I had my lunch and we headed back to school.

I walked up the same wretched stairs to the same wretched class and it's still empty. Desperate I walked back to the Faculty my flip flops flapping hard against the cement. I called my lecturer's extention again and was told he was on leave.

I then walked back to Jung's table. An anonymous person has left a comment on her entry, the one where she mentioned gaining weight. The comment said "hehe..fatty."
Jung: Who the fuck is this?!
Laboo: I came to this hell-hole for nothing. No class from 10 to 4. I could have slept in, went for lunch with ham and Nigel and came at 4. I want to jump off the top floor.
Jung: Come we go together, someone called me a fatty.

But I've walked so much today I've merit myself 1000 Happy Meals and if I see another flight of stairs I might just shoot someone.

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