Friday, August 18, 2006

Random attempt at a post.

My stay back in Cyber was refreshing. The past months I’ve been living in a house where I’m the only girl with 3 other boys (4 if you count Nigel) so having 6 girls all at once in one apartment was oddly fun. Actually it’s three on the 7th floor and another three of us on the 3rd floor.

We were sitting around in the master and it so happens, Ning, Mal and Ana can do uncanny impersonations of bimbos. It was freaking funny. I was on Jung’s laptop where suddenly they burst into song.

“Here we go, here we go againnnn. You’re telling meeeeeee..that she’s just a friendddddd. But she calls you at threeeee in the morninnnnnnn”
And they would do it in erm mismatched harmony.

“Eh ma gawd guys, I just wanna like, put my shades on and like, walk around. Maybe like, go in the pool or like something. Yuh of course like with ma shades on.”
“Loves it!”
Jung was trying to order Nando’s but the rest was busy singing yet another round of “Here we go, here we go again.”

Jung: Attention please!
Ning: Extention? Did someone say hair extention? That’s hot.
It would go on for another 10 minutes before Ning says “This is tiring..”
And then they all fall asleep for two hours -_-


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