Monday, July 31, 2006

Persona. Off the top of my head.

Years ago when Britney Spears released that song “I’m not a girl, not yet a women” and Esther was probably about 4 or 5 years old when she heard it. When listening to the chorus, she looked alarmed. She turned to me and said “Da jie! If not girl, not woman… Man ah?!”
Anyway I don’t know how this is related but its somehow gender related so…

Guy-ish traits I don’t have.

1 I detest watching football. I can’t stand watching any sport, I prefer to participate. I don’t like talking about it either. So I was a bitch throughout World Cup. I wasn’t one of those girls who said “I hate football” and yet proceed to yak along with the guys. Traitors.

2 I hate snooker, pool or any other games that involves a stick and balls hah and back in high school I refused to sit in stupid snooker centers while the guys play. It’s degrading. If I do go in there, it is to have a cigarette. Same goes for DOTA, Counter Strike and other computer games.

3 I am not interested in cars. As long as there’s a CD player and powerful air-conditioning, I’m fine. I can’t tell the difference between a BMW and Mercedes. In fact they both feel the same from the inside.

4 I don’t like alcohol. I used to drink it sometimes back then but it made me feel like crap. So there goes being that cool girl drinking buddy.

Girly traits that I don’t have.

1 I don’t really enjoy shopping. The last time I bought a pair of shoes was last year. I very rarely spend my own money on clothes and stuff.

2 I am terrible at grooming. I don’t have or use facial cleansers. I have never used a mask or had a facial. If I try to use mascara, I might still poke my eyeball with the stick thing. A year ago I didn’t even have foundation. I do now, I have to grow up sometime but it’s not a daily thing. Oh but I loved getting manicures, if I didn’t have to pay for them. (Shit I think I’m not girly cause I’m stingy la)

3 I LOATHE THE COLOR PINK. It disgusts me so much that whenever I buy a new box of Buncho poster colors, I remove the pink. I never use it anyway.

4 I don’t like chatting on the phone (Rachel and Melanie doesn’t count because they are overseas *sobs).

There’s one human trait I don’t have.
I don’t like sleeping. I think it’s a waste of time. Also because if I sleep more than 5 hours I will feel like crap the rest of the day. I used to sleep every alternate day, sometimes 3 nights out of a week. But now that I’m half of a whole and Ham loves sleeping so much I sleep a lot more. But I still wake up feeling like crap. Muscles aching and shoulders throbbing. I thought I would be used to sleeping by now but when I’m back home at my parents without Ham forcing me to go to bed, I’d be awake all 3 days.

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