Friday, August 25, 2006

Kang-kung belacan.

Looks like next week is gonna be a busy outing week. I rarely have busy outings week so..

Alex and the others are coming down from Brunei on Monday. On Merdeka Day 12 of us will be having dinner at Seri Angsaka, KL Tower which should be good if I didn't go for the buffet. Cannot make it the buffet. But must convince Ham to take the buffet so I can snake food of his muthafucking plane of a plate :D

On Thursday night we're going to Maison for Alvin's MONSTAA (in his own words) gig. Hip hop don't stop! Jung will be going nuts. I asked Aran to help me book a table and he told me that there were 2 kinds I would want. The VVIP area where the tables on the balcony or the VIP area which is actually more comfortable cause its the sofa area (What sofa, looks more like bed to me). The VVIP..can see everything from up there but then I was thinking, everyone can see you also. Which is NOT good cause this is what happens when my friendly friends from Brunei goes nuts.

Aran said Joachim gave us a table with "COLD aircond and central location". With hindsight, anywhere away from the balcony and the public eye would be ideal. Monkeys. Had to wear their shirts back for them you know. Joanna and I were standing aside staring at the pandemonium, horrified and desperately wanting to go home.

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