Thursday, August 03, 2006


I have no idea why Ham is doing that.
This is Sam. She can watch any horror flick, without flinching once. Respect!
Meet my friend Alex!
Frankie and I go way back. If I was ever around Sungei Wang I'd drop by his shop and we'd spend hours talking, well, gossiping. He's the only person I gossip with. He somehow justifies it. I don't know why but when we do start talking, we could talk about the clouds in the sky to the pavements in New York City.

Three of my friends, Ian, Alex and Khai wanted to get tattoos done so naturally I took them to Frankie. Frankly, it's not really Zoo Body Art that I frequent. It's only to Frankie for piercings and Tiger(ich) for tattoos. Tiger's wife Beth is the sweetest thing. She asked if I wanted her to hold my hand during my phoenix job. Tiger's the only tattoo artist I know who doesn't have any tattoos at all. He's awesome! He hasn't been back in Malaysia for the past year or so and I've been waiting that long to add on my current tatts.
Anyway I'm chilling in Concorde and I wish the Technicolor Gang was here with me :(

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