Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Biological lock.

I went to bed at 4am and was gonna get up at 9am for my 10am class. (Eh my drive to Cyberjaya takes at least 20minutes in the jam). But these days I feel my eyes open at 8.30am and realize I have half an hour more to sleep so I just lay there in bed day-dreaming. See usually, when I'm sleeping in Ham's room I'd sleep for much longer than I'm used to. I could sleep up to 8 hours!
The old routine of little sleep kicks in because for the past week, Ham and Nigel has been camped downstairs making good friends with Kung Lau and erm Kong Pow hehe (i think), the characters from Mortal Combat. So I've been sleeping alone. Sleeping alone means going to sleep at 4am and waking up automatically 4 hours later, much like my pre-Ham life.

Anyway, Ham comes into the room at 8am saying "I don't think you can go to school today, Nigel went home with the car." Then he slept next to me. As a result, I slept till 2pm. That's 10 freaking hours of sleep! Now I'm cranky and I feel terrible. My joints are aching and my back hurts. Sleep is bad for health, well my health, and a waste of time. Hmph.

The past 2 weeks before this one, I was suffering from severe gastric and heartburn. I keep eating and eating and stuffing my face each time hoping the gastric wouldn't strike but it does. It wears me out, the sharp pains can be excruciating sometimes and I curl up in a fetal position on the bed and grimace myself to sleep in the afternoons. My dad gave me an assortment of meds and I swallowed them religiously. But nothing would curb the pain. It was horrible. I would sweat from that dull ache, sometimes feel as if I couldn't breathe. Plus I keep burping. All that gas! Thank goodness it wasn't coming out the other end. I kept thinking of this one line from Chaucer's The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale.
But I'm all better now. No pain at all! But the fear for it is still causing me to eat everything in sight.

All hail the small boar!

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