Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fallen In The Rye.

Eency weency spider..climb up the..

Chemical Brothers - Bass Test:
The toilet became a club, red velvet walls. Stadium stairs. I feel like Holden if he were put in a strip club.

Tension - Our story:
Wahlau, I was in a music video. One of those girls sitting on the plains, with a faggot nearby gathering flowers for me. Weird. But for a moment, just a split second, I felt loved.

Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant Song
I'm back in my childhood. I'm a rebel. High school love is for saps. Anyone who isn't rock n' roll is gross. I'm in a perpetual mosh pit. I don't want to leave.

Why do I have to grow up?
Jon, we shared lunches when we were 7 (haha i doubt it), art supplies when we were 10, philosophies when we were 13, guitar riffs at 15 and music for the rest of our lives.
En, when we met you were the drummer boy. And I think you're hotter than Travis aight! Sparta. The Strokes. Thursday. So many inspirations, too little time.
Gene, skateboarding was such a passion. Skipping tuition classes, taking the money, buying 2 CDs a month was enough to satisfy our thrist for punk&rock. Your mermaid green hair still gives me nightmares till today. Blink 182 before they sold out was our muse. We slept with Dude Ranch under our pillows. Now the Misfits just seems kinda far.

I'm in another world, boys. And you watched as this process took its toll on me. I still remember some of what was said when it first begun,

"You go clubbing?! You hate clubbing! What happened to underground gigs?"
"You wore a skirt? Seriously?! SHIT that I gotta see."
"You can walk in high heels??"

Sorry boys, about the gigs, the local music scene is selling out. It's not about the music anymore, its about their faces in magazines and fancy boyish drinks they hold in their hand. The last CD I bought was both The Thrills' albums. I've stopped looking out for new shit. I'd much rather pick out an old album from my stack and listen with my eyes open wide under my black covers.

I want to go back to a time where I didn't need Mr.X to keep my happy, Mr.Pdr to help me dream, Mr.V to put me to sleep. All the misters in my life, can't amount to the one I really need.

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