Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm Sprung by Thunderstone.

I’m back. That was a short trip with my dad cracking me up the whole time. He turned everything into a joke, some sharp the rest tasteless.

So I got back in time for Ferry Corsten, Tyler picked me up and he played the role of the bait in order to lure Mel to Zouk so that I can surprise her, Arthur and Thomas (Kim’s babyboy). But before they were there I was with my technicolor friends, *woohoo! :P

That's Eve, and Perry in the Christmas Hat, Me (eeyer) and Tyler!

I was so excited to suprise Mel, we were all betting on how loud she was gonna scream and jump when she sees me. Hook, line but no sinker, Eve accidentally told her that I was back. Teehee. My cousin Edwin came back from Melbourne too and this is our very first time sitting together, our eyes lacking focus and our minds on the edge. Shamim was with him. I haven't seen him in 3 years! Shamim used to sing for a band I hung out with pretty often back during high school times, Angst. Since then both him and Arthur has switched to a few different bands. Shamim still going strong in the scene.

Arthur, Me, my cousin Edwin, Shamim.

I was happily being fed candy and the night turned out awesome.The rest left before I did while I stayed back with Mel, Edwin and the rest. I finally got to meet Thomas, Kim has been telling me so much about him especially how she thinks we'll get along really well. Thomas said "I feel like I've known you, Mel and Rachel for a long time. Kim talks about you guys so often." AWWW, woman, I melted. Come back from Ipoh quick. Mambo on Wednesday :P

Me, Mel and Thomas.

From 3.30am onwards, the journey was technicolor, topsy turvy and I got to be Alice in Wonderland for more than half an hour.

Lo and Behold, the Aftermath.



UnkleBus said...


Stella said...

:P goners.
you should have moved one feet to the right. perrrrfect. haha.

UnkleBus said...

no telling what monkey face i would have made. just look at the next pic. haha...

Stella said...

haha i was sooooo tempted to put it up here. but..you know la.. ;P