Friday, December 23, 2005

Shiny rock.

Seen you smile, watched you cry, broke your fall, cried with you and for you. Miriam, you and I had been through all the weirdest phases in our teenage life. Climbing trees to blowing giant bubbles. Especially you grabbing the big giant blower from the 5-year old kid, *tsktsk. When I think of it, it felt like yesterday. But when it comes down to it, it's been a long time since we've spent real time together, so long ago that digital cameras weren't around

Lisa is getting married!! I read her e-mail and cried for a full minute! I was stunned, then I screamed into Joyce's ear and she looked at me in suprise and saw that my face had tars streaming down and she blinked, "I knew you were gonna lose it someday." Stupid girl -_-
Lisa's my age, and we grew up together so it is the coolest thing ever! She's insanely happy, the wedding's next december in Perth. He proposed over the weekend. She is engaged. Wow, to her first boyfriend ever no less.

There was this time where Miriam developed an obsession for manual cameras and astrology, not in sync thank goodness :P and Lisa and I felt a little out of place. We were always making trips to photoshops, to scenic spots, and we watched the night sky A LOT. "Stel, we're so..passion-less. I mean we have our music and guitars but so does Miriam. We need to be passionate about something!" Lisa said. We came up with so many: finger-painting, writing songs, jumping on her cushy bed, eating 20 nuggets each. Most of them stuck :D
I guess now her passion is life.

Still can't believe it. She's engaged!!

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